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2 hours

Group Size

2 - 10


Food & Drink





Paulino Navarro Neightborhood

Breakfast at the barrio, amazing food out of the spotlight. 

In our most personal experience, we will guide you through the neighborhood where our family has lived for generations since our grandfather, Cecilio Dávila, settled in the area. Everyone in the family has enjoyed every dish you will taste, which we want to share with you with love. For us this is more than just a breakfast, it's the flavors of home and family. And believe me, these are some of our favorites in the whole city. 


We are  going to meet at the entrance of the local market - a quiet and calm place, very different from the surrounding markets such as Jamaica or Merced. We will visit one of the oldest stands here to try a typical Mexican breakfast. You´re not going to believe the freshness and quality of the ingredients you´re going to eat! Everything from corn to quelites to chocolate and other traditional elements of Mexican cuisine. 

After this magical introduction we’ll walk to one of the best (and not yet discovered) huaraches stands in the city. You’ll be surprised by the big diversity of toppings you can add, all of them delicious. 

Afterwards we will walk to our favorite torta stand, where you’ll sample Mexico’s most popular sandwiches and two different kinds of tacos that will blow your mind. This is the experience for those who want to discover the real flavors of a typical Mexican neighborhood. 

What you´ll do


Let us know if you have food restrictions so we can adapt to your needs.














Dress code

Start Time

- Casual clothes. It is recomended not to wear shorts or tops.

- Closed shoes.

- No flashy or expensive jewelry

10:00 am

Price Per Person

$ 60 UDS Per person


Book this experience! Let us show you the true flavors of a traditional Mexico City neighborhood.

The experience is available for groups from 2 to 10 participants. We think that less is better, thats why we just work on demand.  If you want to know more or schedule an experience, please let us know and we will reach you as soon as possible.

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