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1.5 hours

Group Size

2 - 15


Food & Drink





Mercado Jamaica

La Flor de Jamaica

Mezcal &
Chilli Culture pairing

Come and enjoy a very unique and exclusive tasting that pairs one of our favorite distillates with the very best of Mexico’s chili culture. You will sample a carefully curated selection of mezcales while tasting a fine variety of dishes and products that represent our unique chili culture.

We will meet at La Flor de Jamaica's tasting room to experience and understand four different mezcales that will increase your knowledge around this spirit, we will guide you on a journey through the complexity and diversity that surrounds this distillate. These mezcales are carefully selected to cover the most important characteristics you need to understand about the different kinds of mezcal, agaves, regions and processes

While sampling these spirits, we will guide you through the vast complexity of our chili culture, a very unique pairing with careful selected plates. You will understand the different processes and uses for chilies, and you will discover that mezcal and chili culture pair better than you imagined. This is a refined and exclusive tasting with which you’ll understand the complexity around mezcal and the diversity and richness of the uses of chilies and spicyness in Mexico.

What you´ll do


Let us know if you have food restrictions so we can adapt to your needs.














Dress code

Start Time

- Casual clothes. It is recomended not to wear shorts or tops.

- Closed shoes.

- No flashy or expensive jewelry

17:30 pm

Price Per Person


$ 70 UDS Per person

Book this experience! Discover our unique mezcal and chili culture and immerse yourself in its flavors and traditions. Must be at least 18 years old to participate.

This experience is available for groups from 2 to 15 participants. We think that less is better, thats why we just work on demand.  If you want to know more or schedule an experience, please let us know and we will reach you as soon as possible.

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