4 hours

Group Size

4 - 7


Food & Drink





Lerma, Edo. México

About the Woodfire cooking class

Menu & ingredients

A unique cooking class for those who are tired of the city. Dive in traditional food, the one repared in open fire and uses local seasonal ingredients only. This experience takes place in our beautiful 5,000 sq. ft. garden located at Lerma, just a 40 min. ride from Mexico City. Re-connect yourself with nature and get a full learning of Mexican culinary roots, try some native greens called
quelites and make mole from scratch using a metate (a volcanic rock tool used for processing grains).

Menu seeks to understand the traditional food of this area of ​​Mexico, preparing typical dishes of the place, a mixture of corn, chile and quelites; widely consumed during the days that Cecilio Dávila, founder of La Flor de Jamaica, inhabited this place. During the experience, participants interact with traditional ingredients, preparations and utensils that give the food prepared there a unique personality. To finish, we sit at the table in the center of the garden and share a traditional mole with rice typical of the celebrations of the region, an unforgettable moment.




Book this class and get involved in the flavors and traditions of the true and traditional Mexico. 

The classes are available for groups from 4 to 7 participants. If you want to know more or schedule a class, please let us know and we will reach you as soon as possible

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