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Our Venue

Located inside a historic chili cellar, our tasting room has become a meeting space for culture, music and gastronomy. We are located next to one of the most beautiful and traditional markets in Mexico City: El Mercado de Jamaica; same that amazes locals and strangers with its extensive floral assortment, its colors and aromas that give life to this iconic place.

It is a space carefully designed to receive visitors from all over the world and make them feel in an intimate environment that invites enjoyment and learning. It has a capacity of 25 people comfortably seated for dinners or tastings, while it can accommodate up to 50 people in bar experiences, celebrations or musical events.

It has the necessary infrastructure for your event to be a success among your clients and guests; but most importantly, we have the best team of people in each area to give you the best service according to your needs.

We put at your disposal our exclusive space to live your corporate events, or those events with friends or family. No matter the reason for your meeting or celebration, count on our experience to make that moment unrepeatable.

For more information or we put at your disposal our contact email.

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