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Breakfast in the Barrio

Amazing food out of the spotlight


2.5 hours

Group Size

2 - 8


Food & Drink




Jamaica neighborhood and surrounding areas

Special diets

Vegan & vegetarian 

75 USD/person

In our most personal experience, we will guide you through the neighborhood where our family has lived for generations since our grandfather, Cecilio Dávila, settled in the area. Everyone in the family has enjoyed every dish you will taste, which we want to share with you with love. For us this is more than just a breakfast, it's the flavors of home and family. And believe us, these are some of our favorites in the whole city.

What we are going to do?

We are  going to meet at the entrance of the local market - a quiet and calm place, very different from the surrounding markets such as Jamaica or Merced.

We will visit one of the oldest stands here to try a typical Mexican breakfast. You´re not going to believe the freshness and quality of the ingredients you´re going to eat! Everything from corn to quelites to chocolate and other traditional elements of Mexican cuisine. 

After this magical introduction we’ll walk to one of the best (and not yet discovered) huaraches stands in the city. You’ll be surprised by the big diversity of toppings you can add, all of them delicious. 

Afterwards we will walk to our favorite torta stand, where you’ll sample Mexico’s most popular sandwiches and two different kinds of tacos that will blow your mind. This is the experience for those who want to discover the real flavors of a typical Mexican neighborhood. 

Some quick notes to know

Dress Code

- Casual clothes. 

- Closed shoes.

- No flashy or expensive jewelry


Alcohol is only offered to participants of legal age.

Food Restrictions

Food Quantity

We can ask for special plates according to your needs, please let us know at the moment you book.

The amount of food offered is  enough to be considered a complete breakfast. 

This is the experience for those who really want to immerse into a true Mexican neighborhood its flavors, its faces and its everyday life.


Seetal, december 2022

What a wonderful experience! We learned so much about the history and culture of the area and of course, the food. Fun and informative!

Andrew, July 2022

Wonderful experience & very informative. Fernando takes the time and effort to work with a small group and offers a personalized experience and education about a topic he and his family are clearly very passionate about.

Ryan, may 2022

This was an incredible, memorable experience, up there as one of the best activities like this I’ve ever been on. Would highly recommend.

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Breakfast at the barrio

This is an experience mostly offered on demand. We really enjoy to show to our visitors the place in which we have been living for three generations, if you want to come with us please contact us, we will be very happy to receive your message.

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