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Private Events

Pioneers in spreading pride in the mexican chili culture

During the 60 years that we have been actively involved in the trade of dry chilies in Mexico, we have been able to acquire empirical knowledge that is supported by direct contact with chile producers in every corner of the country, consumption chains, transportation, and the complex process that It is required to cover the demand for chili from our customers and visitors.


Throughout this time we have managed to understand the social, historical, cultural and economic value that chili has in our society, but above all, we have realized that far beyond being just an ingredient to flavor our dishes, there is In Mexico, a complex and highly varied culture revolves around our love for get spiced. ​

We put all this experience at your disposal to give your event a unique touch, full of the flavor of a whole culture. No matter the location or format of your event, we take care of making it magical and unrepeatable using our extensive gastronomic culture as the main element. While we take care of involving your guests in the Spicy Culture, in turn, you help us keep alive the consumption chain of some chilies that, due to their complexity of distribution or their isolated location, we can only offer in this type of events. In other words, you help us keep the Spicy Culture alive in Mexico.

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