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What is The Chili Culture workshop?


It is a workshop and tasting in which we show the importance, history and uses that have been given to the chili since the beginning of civilization in Mexico.  Everything while our guests try a selection of plates that pairs the explanation and makes them feel and understand better what chiles means for us mexicans. It is considered the first workshop/tasting focused on chili in our country.



Generate awareness and knowledge in a fun and dynamic way, in which the participant learns and interacts with the different types and uses of chilis in Mexico, generating the attendee to appreciate the importance of preserving traditions and respect for our gastronomic culture and promoting its preservation.


It is a versatile workshop that offers the possibility of taking place in any location and adjusts to the number of attendees. The knowledge offered is very broad and designed to be easily understandable for all participants. It breaks the schemes of a traditional tasting as it invites  guests to participate and collaborate in the different activities involved, which generates a dynamic of integration and collaboration.

  • Is it possible to adjust the menu to receive people with dietary restrictions?
    Yes! Please inform us of your needs when booking.
  • The menu that is prepared is spicy?
    Our interest in sharing the spicy culture with our guests focuses on knowing the characteristics and qualities of chili in gastronomy, this means seeking to enhance the particular flavor that each of them offers, and not focusing our attention on the spicy qualities of chili. Each dish has its capsicum doses due to the nature of our central ingredient, however this is not the protagonist.
  • If I don't eat spicy, will I enjoy the experience?"
    Yes, the experience focuses on the cultural value of chili both in gastronomy and in Mexican society. Neither the dishes nor the message focus on the spicy quality of the chili, but on its diversity and versatility. So our goal is to generate an original experience for all our visitors regardless of their eating habits.
  • Is the amount of food enough to feel satisfy?
    One of our priorities is to make attendees feel satisfied at the end of the experience, so the size and quantity of the dishes is designed to meet that expectation.
  • Is the experience suitable for young children?
    We do not exclude anyone from joining the experience, regardless of age. However, we recommend it for children at least 7 years old, so they can enjoy the information and the activities during the experience.
  • Are alcoholic beverages offered during class?
    During the class a mezcal tasting is offered (only to adults). However, each person is free to decide whether or not to drink.
  • Is it necessary to have some prior knowledge?
    No, the experience is designed so that anyone can enjoy it and acquire knowledge regardless of their knowledge. If you have prior knowledge and want a experience with a more advanced level, please notify us when making your reservation.
  • Should I attend the experience with any special item or equipment?
    No, all the elements and utensils necessary will be provided on site.
  • Should I bring something where I can to take notes?
    It is not mandatory to take notes and register the topics taught in the experience, however, if you want to take notes you can bring where to do it.


To know details and prices, send us a message and we will gladly answer you as soon as possible.

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