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Our experiencies

 Three generatios trading species and pioneers in mexican chili culture

We have more than 60 years working with the main ingredients in mexican diet, from a big variety of chilis, to corn and beans. Our main objective is to bring you a warm welcome to Mexico and at the same time give you the right context to understand and enjoy much more about the culture, history and food. We want you to learn, understand and answer all your questions about mexican culture and gastronomy.

We are the pioneers of the mexican chili culture, we have found that much more than just an ingredient, chili represents a hole different way to experience our food. With your visit to La Flor de Jamaica, you help us to keep exploring the whole country, meeting more chili producers and increasing the knowledge around this fundamental ingredient in our society.

Come and learn with us why mexican food is one of the most diverse and delicious food in the world, and let us show you some of the best plates, drinks and spots we have in Mexico City.

The Chili Culture  Experience

Its the pefect combination between a food walking tour and a gastronomical workshop 

Agave spirits & Chili Culture Pairing  .

Experience the night food and vibrance of Jamaica Market and enter into the world of mezcal in our tasting room.

Breakfast at
the barrio.

Discover the real flavors of a mexican

neightborhood, impresive food out of the


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