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La Flor de Jamaica desde 1960 Ciudad de México

A deep exploration of the Chili Culture from an epicenter of the food scene in Mexico City

Chili workshops, Tastings, Food experiences, Catering & Mixology


Our main three

Chili workshop

The chili culture experience

Let us show you our work around the chili culture. We will guide you through the Jamaica Market, it´s flavors and colors. And then, prepare your self to experience our tasting menu at our speakeasy. 

Mezcal tasting and chili

Agave spirits & chili culture pairing

Learn to distinguish a mezcal from a tequila, try different varieties of agave from different regions, and discover how this industry has managed to stay updated to this days.


Breakfast at



Three generations living in this neighborhood have deeply connected us with the place and its flavors, all of them of the highest quality and away from the spotlight. We want to share with you the real food of us Mexicans.


Why us?


With more than 60 years of expertise buying and selling dry chilis, corn, and beans, we know exactly how Mexicans think about food, and our relationship with the main ingredients we use,  becoming in one of the most important chili stores in Mexico City. 


What is The Chili Culture?


It is a way of bringing together all the expressions around the spicy flavors not only of Mexico but of the world and its importance in our society.


Where we are?


We are in the Jamaica Market, one of the most beautiful and largest markets in Mexico City. A place full of colors, flavors and history.


Rachael, march 2023

If you do one thing in Mexico City, let this be it! Fernando is an amazing host and this was our favorite part of our trip. Great company, amazing food, and we learned a lot!

Marie,january 2024

Really special experience with a phenomenal host. I’ve lived in CDMX for several years and was worried a typical cooking class or market tour would like be too touristy — this was perfect. We learned so much from Fernando about chiles, from their history to their cultural importance in Mexico. Being able to see the famous Mercado Jamaica through his eyes was also amazing. His mother cooked us some delicious typical dishes, we had the chance to make our own salsas, and even got to try some mezcals and interesting and lesser known Mexican spirits. Cannot recommend highly enough! Do it!

More than 300 five stars reviews 

Ryan, december 2022

10/10 - a true local experience - make new friends over food & drink while learning about the significant impact of Chilies on Mexican culture and cuisine
I’ve been on this tour twice and would go a third time just to hang out with Fernando.

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