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3 hours

Group Size

2 - 8


Food & Drink





Mercado Jamaica

La Flor de Jamaica


The chili experience

It is a culinary and cultural experience which mixes food, drinks, history, and aromas, turning into the ideal welcome to the traveler coming to Mexico City looking for unconventional experiences. It is the perfect combination between a food walking tour in one of the most beautiful traditional markets in the city, and a gastronomical workshop focused in one of the most important elements in Mexican cuisine, chili.

The adventure begins with the visit to the “Mercado de Jamaica”, one of the largest markets of Mexico City. Its history dates from the times of the Aztec City, Tenochtitlán. Visitors will be fascinated by its size, its colorful flowers, the variety of fruits and the bustle inside because of the typical trade.

The tour continues in “La Flor de Jamaica” store to experience the gastronomic workshop in a private specialized studio. Taking as its main axis chili and spicy products, the visitors live a unique experience of flavors, colors, and aromas, in which they will taste dishes that will gradually make them know the history and the mixed cultural background that has resulted in Mexican gastronomy as we know it today.

There, you will make your own salsa in the traditional way; you will taste one special kind of mezcal; will learn to taste and combine chili powders, try and understand the tradition around an ancient and delicious kind of mole and will try an exquisite dessert with a special mix of sweet and chili that can only be found in Mexico City. 

The menu is carefully designed to expose the main characteristics and flavors of each variety of chili and to show the greatness of our culinary traditions. 

What you´ll do


Let us know if you have food restrictions so we can adapt to your needs.














Dress code

Start Time

- Casual clothes. It is recomended not to wear shorts or tops.

- Closed shoes.

- No flashy or expensive jewelry

11:30 am

Price Per Person

$ 75 UDS


Book this experience! Let us show you the richness of the chili culture and get involved in its flavors and traditions. 

The chili experience is available for groups from 2 to 8 participants. We think that less is better, thats why we just work on demand.  If you want to know more or schedule an experience, please let us know and we will reach you as soon as possible. 

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