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Why to learn more about chilis?

In Mexico, chili is considered an ingredient that is never missing from our tables. We are recognized worldwide for our peculiar taste towards this ingredient. However, how much do we Mexicans know about him? Throughout a life dedicated to the dried chili trade, I discovered that most of us do not know the rich variety of chili peppers produced in our country, in fact, we are the country that produces the largest number of varieties in the world and very few Of us we know more than 5 varieties. It may not seem like a very important fact, however, ignorance itself has caused the loss of different varieties that are very important for our gastronomy. Due to this, at La Flor de Jamaica, we have taken on the task of sharing with Mexicans themselves the vast culture around this ingredient, through the Mexican Chili Gastronomic Workshop, we have managed to disseminate important information to a growing number of people. . The objective with this is, first of all, to generate knowledge and thus create a more uniform demand for the different varieties of Mexican chili. Secondly, spread our pride and passion for this ingredient, which has been and will be a fundamental axis of our gastronomy. In short, only the dissemination of information and the revaluation of the basic ingredients of our gastronomy will be able to guarantee its existence in current social and cultural environments.


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