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4 hours

Group Size

2 - 6


Food & Drink





Mercado Jamaica

La Flor de Jamaica


The chili cooking


This class is the right place to understand the contextual implications of chili in Mexican society, its gastronomic importance, and the high versatility of this amazing ingredient. All this while you prepare from scratch a four courses menu based on different unique chiles from all over Mexico.

The class begin with a visit to the beautiful Mercado de Jamaica. Here we’re buying the ingredients for the menu from some of the oldest vendors, those who have bring to life the market as we see it now-days. La Flor de Jamaica has been part of this market since it’s beginning and that is why we perfectly know its dynamics, the vendors and some of the neighbors. We’re sharing all this life knowledge with you so you can experience it as if you were an active member of the market.  

After the market we are showing you the big variety of Mexican chilies and the importance in the chili commerce ecosystem at La Flor de Jamaica. Then we will invite you to our chili warehouse to begin the preparation of the menu. Every class is fully detailed and perfectly curated so you can live a unique tasty experience. While cooking you will learn from Paola about the culinary techniques, traditions, history around chili and Mexican food. 

Finally, the long-awaited menu tasting: get ready to enjoy every dish that has been prepared during the class. Lets get all together around the table and share some final thoughts, questions, and comments about the experience or why not? About your life-story. This is the perfect moment to discuss and get deep while enjoying the food.


The menu is carefully designed to expose the main characteristics and flavors of each variety of chili and to show the greatness of our culinary traditions. Also that you can easily re-create the recipes and apply what you learned back at home.

What you´ll do



Your teacher

Let us know if you have previous knowledge or expertise and you’re looking for a customized class with a specific complexity. We can design a class that fits your specifications.



















Paola Loera

Mexican chef graduated from El Claustro de Sor Juana. She has studied the importance and use of chilis not only as a main ingredient but also as a whole in our society, exploring the historic and cultural side of it. She is part of our actual kitchen team and helps designing the menus for our special events, pop–ups, and private services, so everything she shares during the class is an updated knowledge around our latest researches.



Book this class! Let us show you the richness of the chili culture and get involved in its flavors and traditions. 

The classes are available for groups from 2 to 6 participants. If you want to know more or schedule a class, please let us know and we will reach you as soon as possible

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